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Fresh Wind Christian Center

Fresh Wind's Vision and Purpose

Phil and Toni Williams

Our Assignment

To transform lives through the teaching of the uncompromised Word of God under the Power of the Holy Spirit.



Our Vision

To build a multicultural community of faith exemplifying heaven

on earth, all nations of people with the common purpose of

worshiping and serving our Lord Jesus Christ through unity

in faith.


Our Purpose and Mission

We exist to fulfill the mission of the church that Jesus mandated

in the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:19-20. To make

disciples in our immediate community and equip them with the

tools they need to reach the world around them.


Our Values

FFaith: Building faith through teaching the word of God from the Bible.

RReconciliation: With God, Family, Church and Community. 

EEvangelism: Because people matter to God, they matter to us.

SServant-hood: In church and community life; each member is a disciple

HHealing: Bodies, Broken Hearts and, Broken Relationships. 


Fresh Wind Christian Center * 561 S. Prescott St. * Memphis * TN * 38111

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